Hello, my name is Leah and i'm a 22 year old college grad with a BA in English. I mainly post Teen Wolf and Dragon age, though you can find a more complete list in my 'tags list' page to the left.

Also there is a fic recs page that will be updated from time to time as well as a blog roll.

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We’ll see what we can do, Gwen… 😅

My favorite part about Cullen’s office has to be that fucking giant stone owl coming out of the wall above his desk



Guys the petition to recognize Fibromyalgia as a disability ends this month and it needs 97.5 K signatures still please sign this petition its extremely important. Fibromyalgia is ‘a common syndrome in which a person has long-term, body-wide pain and tenderness in the joints, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues. Fibromyalgia has also been linked to fatigue, sleep problems, headaches, depression, and anxiety

Track: Official Theme Song for Everyone's First Inquisition Playthrough
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i think we’re like fire and water. i think we’re like the wind and sea | inspired by x


Please tell me you dance with your LI in the tavern at some point please. 

Unless you would care for a game? 







Oh god guys. JK Rowling is a genius, and so is this person.

the thing I love about this fandom is that there are 7 books and 8 movies to observe. so every once in a while some blessed soul finds a piece of information that makes all the magic resurface again

Mind. Blown. 

Oh Lord…it’s a metaphor too. It’s symbolic of Neville holding on to his past, the horrors of what happened to his parents, of being a passive vessel for that atrocity. As if the terrible thing kept happening and would never stop happening. 

When he moves forward and becomes part of his own story instead of the story of his past, his strength surges. 


It also shows that if you give a kid the wrong tool, he may be a genius but he’s never going to be able to build something with it.

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store: help wanted
me: *applies for job*
store: no not you
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Though I’ve lost my way more times that I have wished
My heart is constant and willing
Will you restore me?

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